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Considerations when planning a Honeymoon §

♥ Where do you both want to go?
♥ Will the Honeymoon be after the wedding?
Or, scheduled later to take advantage of off-season lower rates?
♥ What time of year is best for wedding and honeymoon?
♥ Do you have a budget?
♥ Do you want to be alone or do you like a crowd?
♥ What type of activities would you enjoy?
Shopping. Site-seeing. Sports. Or, do you just want to be alone.
♥ What type of accommodations would you like?
Large hotel? Small bungalow? Cruise?
♥ Will your trip require a passport? (See links below)
♥ How will you get to the airport or other departure site?

While a far-away romantic honeymoon is the dream of most brides, there are alternatives if economics are a consideration or you want to save on costs.

♥ Select a location close to home. This will mean lower travel and food costs.
♥ Have your honeymoon as part of your Bridal Register
♥ Plan your honeymoon far enough in advance to take advantage of good deals or
if you are the adventurous type,wait and grab a 'last minute' deal.
♥ For the outdoorsy bride and groom, consider a camping trip to a beautiful location.
♥ Stay at a Bed & Breakfast. They are typically less expensive than hotels.

Let everyone at hotels, restaurants know you are on your honeymoon, it sometimes results in little extra perks along the way.

Regardless of where you go, how you travel or how much you spend, take time to focus on the details.

♥ Who will take care of the bride's dress and boquet after the ceremony?
♥ Be specific when making travel arrangements.
This includes travel seating, time of travel - even the bed size.
♥ Get brochures on your honeymoon destination beforehand.
Know what attractions and activities are available.
♥ Check on logistics. How far away is that beautiful beach? Will you need a car?
♥ Once there, be sure your room is clean, that everything in the room works,
that there are enough towels and a 'Do Not Disturb' sign.
♥ Use the hotel's safe for keeping jewelry and extra money safe.

General information to help get you there with everything you need.

♥ Make sure your passports are readily accessible.
♥ Will you need an International Driver's License?
♥ Put contact information inside your luggage as well as on the outside.
♥ If there are special needs, medications or allergies make sure these are documented.
♥ Carry enough essentials for one night on board should your luggage be lost
Included should be medicine, cosmetics, film, camera, change of clothes.

No one likes to think something might go wrong while on a honeymoon but should you need assistance while out of the country, the State Departmentís Bureau of Consular Affairs will assist travelers during an emergency situations. If you are involved in an emergency situation, go to the nearest United States Embassy or Consular Office. Be sure to take your passport with you. In most cases they can also assist with a lost passport, medical emergency or loss of money.

Passport Information:

Getting a passport should be started at the very least five-six months before the wedding. If you do not have a passport, an application can be obtained from US Post Offices or your local Passport Office. Review the requirements and submit according to the instructions. For information on requirements and cost, visit US State Department or call them at 1-877-487-2778.

The newly weds should carry a copy of their Marriage Certificate and the bride should get the passport in her mainden name and have it changed later. The necessary form is available from the Travel.State.gov site.

Good communications and planning will make your Honeymoon a special time to remember.

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§ The information and links above are presented for consideration in planning a honeymoon trip and are not intended to be exact or complete. Some may find certain actions, items, or events relating to planning a honeymoon may have been omitted, as such, this list is intended to be used as a general guide for reference purposes only at the sole discretion of the viewer with no guarantees, warantees or obligations expressed or implied by Kali-Kate, or any of its employees, vendors, or owners.

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